About us

We are a non profit organization, which has been operating in Fredericton since 1975. We offer quality instruction for people with training specifically geared to each individuals potential.

We are member of the Canada JKA Karate Federation, a non profit organization under the technical leadership of Saeki Sensei (7th Dan). He studied Karate at the head dojo Tokyo, Japan. Saeki Sensei has developed a well respected reputation across Canada and the USA as a traditional Karate instructor. He embodies the philosophy and spirit of Shotokan Karate and strictly maintains the quality of Karate as taught in Japan.

Grading Results


Ted Dixon - SHODAN!

Winter Hours


We are going back to winter hours starting Sept 03 2014.
Mon-Wed-Thur evenings are 7:30-9:00 PM.
Sat mornings 9:30-11:00 AM.

DojoKun (Rules of the Dojo)


Hitotsu. Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto
Hitotsu. Makoto no michi wo mamoru koto
Hitotsu. Doryoku no Seishin wo yashinau koto
Hitotsu. Reigi wo omonzuru koto
Hitotsu. Kekki no yu wo imashimuru koto

In Japanese, each rule of the dojo begins with Hitotsu and ends with koto. Hitotsu means "one" and koto means "thing", implying that one rule is not more important than another. Generally, it can be interpreted to mean "Here's a rule, here's another rule...".